1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses

Get high-quality MR-8 Blue Block Aspheric HMC EMI Optical Lenses from our factory. Protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Order now!
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Basic Info.

ISO9001, CE, FDA
Power Range
Sph 0.00~-10.00,0.00~+6.00,Cyl 0.00~-4.00
Coating Color
Specific Gravity
Abbe Value
Transport Package
White Envelopes or as Customers" Requirement
Danyang, Jiangsu, China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

 1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical LensesWhat Is Blue Light?

Sunlight contains red, orange, yellow, green and blue light rays and many shades of each of these colors, depending on the energy and wavelength of the individual rays (also called electromagnetic radiation). Combined, this spectrum of colored light rays creates what we call "white light" or sunlight.

Without getting into complicated physics, there is an inverse relationship between the wavelength of light rays and the amount of energy they contain. Light rays that have relatively long wavelengths contain less energy, and those with short wavelengths have more energy.

Rays on the red end of the visible light spectrum have longer wavelengths and, therefore, less energy. Rays on the blue end of the spectrum have shorter wavelengths and more energy.

The electromagnetic rays just beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum are called infrared - they are warming, but invisible. (The "warming lamps" you see keeping food warm at your local eatery emit infrared radiation. But these lamps also emit visible red light so people know they are on! The same is true for other types of heat lamps.)

On the other end of the visible light spectrum, blue light rays with the shortest wavelengths (and highest energy) are sometimes called blue-violet or violet light. This is why the invisible electromagnetic rays just beyond the visible light spectrum are called ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

High-energy blue-violet light is an important component of visible light, short wavelenght, high energy, can directly penetrate the crystal retinal retina, the irradiation time is too long will cause harm to the eyes
Blue cut lenses are suitable for wearing when using LED digital display devices such as TVs, computers, PADs and mobile phones, but it is not recommended to wear blue cut lenses for a long time in daily life, because blue cut lenses filter some blue light, and the picture will be yellowish when viewing objects. , It is recommended to use two pairs of glasses, one pair of ordinary glasses for daily use, and one pair of blue cut lenses to use when using LED display digital products such as computers. Plano power (no degree) blue cut lenses are very popular with non-myopia users. They are specially worn for computer office work, and have gradually become a fashion.

Under the irradiation of UV light, the anti-blue light lens blocks almost all blue light.
The anti-blue light effect can be clearly seen on the test card.

1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical LensesMR-8
Refractive Index 1.60 MR-8™
The best balanced high index lens material with the largest share of refractive index 1.60 lens
material market. MR-8 is suited to any strength ophthalmic lens and is a new standard in
ophthalmic lens material.     
Comparison of thickness of 1.60 MR-8 lens
and 1.50 CR-39 lenses (-6.00D)

The lenses are finely machined and use MR-8 membranes to make them lighter and thinner, weighing almost half as much as glass. Using aspherical design, see things more real and clear, no deformation. Aspherical MR-8 lens, with nanoscale multi-layer top film, essentially changes the lens film layer to prevent glare and radiation. After the test, the lens is not easy to scratch, more safe to protect the eyes. Raw materials are more stable and less likely to turn yellow.
1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses1.61 Mr-8 Blue Block Asp Hmc EMI Optical Lenses

BORIS OPTICAL is one of the most Potential Finished and Semi-Finished Optical Lenses factory located in Danyang City, China. It was establish in 2012 with covering 20000 spm and 150 employees. The annual production and sales of lenses are 30 million pieces, and the annual sales have exceeded 100 million for five consecutive years.
Our Key & Advantage Products:
Single Vision Lens:1.49;1.56;1.59;1.60;1.67;1.74
Bifocal Lens: 1.49; 1.56
Progressive Lens: CR-39; 1.56; 1.60
Functional Lens: Blue Cut, Photochromic; Photochromic +UV420 Blue cut; Sunglasses; Polarized; Polycarbonate
RX Service: Free Form; Special Coating; Special Power Range

1. Could you provide samples?
Of course, free samples can be sent to you, but please help us pay the freight fee.
2. What Certification do you have for your optical lens?
FDA, CE, ISO9001 certification is available.
3. What is the MOQ of optical lens?
We dont have Min Order quantity requirement. But if the quantity order is too small, we have to charge extra delivery fee.
4. Could you provide OEM service?
Sure, just send us your requirements.

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