China Manufacturer Laser Focusing Lens D 37X7 6kw 110255iag0004 for Engraving Machine

Discover high-quality laser focusing lens for engraving machines at our China factory. D 37X7 6kw 110255iag0004 available for precision and efficiency."
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
laser focus lens
Standard Component
Standard Component
Laser Source
Upload Laser Protective Lens for Laser
Spare Parts Type
Machine Consumables
Video Outgoing-Inspection
Marketing Type
Ordinary Product
Key Selling Points
Factory Price
Applicable Industries
Industrial Laser Equipment
Laser Type
Fiber Laser
Cutting Material
Metal Material Cutting
Plane Lens
OEM/ODM Customized Service
Optical, Protect The Focusing Lens
High-Power Brazing and Tailoring Welding
Transport Package
Carton Box
OEM raycus
HS Code

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
6.70cm * 1.70cm * 1.70cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Product Description

What is Laser Focusing Lens?

The Laser Cutting Machine Focusing Lens plays a crucial role in achieving precise and efficient cutting operations by focusing the laser beam onto the workpiece.

It is made of high quality optical materials to ensure excellent optical performance.
The surface of the lens has precise coating, high light transmission, wear resistance, and effective protection of the lens.
Good light transmittance, effectively reduce unwanted power loss.

It is widely used in industries such as metal fabrication, carving machines, cutting machines,signage manufacturing, and textile production etc.

Focus Mirror Specifications:
Technical Parameter Value
Material Znse,Quartz,Silicon etc
Wavelength 10.6 um
Focal Length Tolerance ±1%
Geometric Tolerance 0/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm
Surface Finish 20-10
Eccentricity < 3'
Diameter 20mm/25mm/30mm/38.1mm
Effective Aperture > 90%
Bevelling < 0.2 ×45°
Coating Film 10.6µm anti-reflection

The lifespan of Fiber Laser Lens
The lifespan of laser cutting and laser welding machine lenses can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the laser power, operating conditions, maintenance practices, and the quality of the lenses themselves.
Typically, high-quality lenses used in laser cutting and welding machines have a relatively long lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for hundreds or even thousands of hours of operation. However, it's important to note that the lenses will gradually degrade over time due to factors such as thermal stress, beam intensity, and debris accumulation.
Regular cleaning and inspection of the lenses are essential to prolong their lifespan. Keeping the lenses free from dirt, debris, and residue will help maintain their optical clarity and efficiency. Additionally, following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures and replacing the lenses when necessary will ensure optimal performance and extend their lifespan.

Why Choose Our Laser Focusing Lens?
  • Exceptional Cutting Precision: Our lens ensures precise beam focusing, resulting in clean, accurate cuts with minimal heat-affected zones, reducing material waste and maximizing productivity.
  • Extended Lifespan: Crafted from high-quality materials, our lens exhibits excellent durability, requiring fewer replacements and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Optimal Efficiency: The lens enables efficient energy transfer, maximizing cutting speed and reducing power consumption, leading to cost savings over time.
  • Versatility: Our focusing lens is compatible with various laser cutting machines, providing flexibility and convenience for a wide range of cutting applications.
  • Great Value for Price: Our lens offers a balance of superior performance and competitive pricing, delivering high value for money and a favorable return on investment.
Detailed Photos


China Manufacturer Laser Focusing Lens D 37X7 6kw 110255iag0004 for Engraving Machine
China Manufacturer Laser Focusing Lens D 37X7 6kw 110255iag0004 for Engraving Machine
Product Parameters
List of Focusing/Collimating Lens Models for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Diameter focal length  
19mm 80mm,120mm  
20mm 80mm,120mm  
20mm 50mm,80mm,120mm,150mm  
24mm 120mm  
24.7mm 75mm,125mm,150,mm  
25mm 60mm,100mm,125mm  
25.4mm 100mm,125mm,150,mm  
26mm 75mm(Composite lenses),150mm  
28mm 60mm,120mm,150mm,200mm  
28mm 75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm  
30mm 75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm,155mm,190.5mm,200mm  
34mm 120mm,125mm,150mm,200mm  
37mm 100mm,125mm,150mm,190mm,200mm  
38.1mm 120mm,125mm,150mm,200mm  
38.1mm 100mm,200mm
Packaging & Shipping

China Manufacturer Laser Focusing Lens D 37X7 6kw 110255iag0004 for Engraving MachineChina Manufacturer Laser Focusing Lens D 37X7 6kw 110255iag0004 for Engraving Machine


Question : How about your after service?

Answer : Technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.
Question : How can we install the consumables?
Answer : Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.
Question : How do I choose the right consumables for my machine?
Answer : According to your needs and budget, we will provide the best answer for your efficient production.
Question : How about the payment terms?
Answer : 30% T/T for deposit, 70%T/T paid before shipping. 
Question : When can I get the price?
Answer : We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please tell us in your email so that we will regard you inquiry priority.
Question : Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?
Answer : Yes, once the order is confirmed, you will enjoy our factory price.
Question: Which port is the nearest from your company?
Answer : The Qingdao port is the nearest
Question: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
Answer : Yes, look forward to communicating and cooperating with you!


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