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Introducing our new product: "BlueBlockerX" anti-blue light glasses. Protect your eyes from harmful screen glare. Shop direct from our factory.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Frame Color
All Colors
All Models
Transport Package
100PCS Per Box
Diameter: 55-80mm
HS Code
Production Capacity
100000PCS Per Year

Product Description

General Introduction:
Blue light is a part of natural visible light that is emitted by sunlight and electronic screens. Blue light is an important part of visible light. There is no separate white light in nature. Blue light, green light and red light are mixed to produce white light. Green light and red light have less energy and less stimulation to the eyes. Blue light has short wave and high energy and can directly penetrate the lens to the macular area of the eye, resulting in macular disease.
Raytek Anti-Blue light glasses are glasses that prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. Special anti-blue light glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet and radiation and can filter blue light, suitable for watching computer or TV mobile phone use.

Main Function:
1).Anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to eyes. Through comparison and detection by portable spectrum analyzer, the intensity of blue light emitted by mobile phone screen can be effectively suppressed by using anti-blue light glasses, and the damage of harmful blue light to eyes is reduced.
2).Anti-blue light glasses mainly reflect harmful blue light through lens surface coating, or absorb harmful blue light by adding anti-blue light factor through lens base material, so as to realize the barrier to harmful blue light and protect eyes.
3).Generally use the anti blue light lens of film layer reflection technology, because harmful blue light is reflected, so the lens surface will reflect blue light, and the anti blue light lens of base material absorption technology will not reflect blue light. As shown in Figure 4, the glasses reflecting blue light above are anti-blue light glasses.

Main technical parameters:
1).Base material absorption: anti-blue light factor is added to the base material of the lens to absorb harmful blue light in life and realize the purpose of blue light barrier protection.
2).Film layer reflection: lens surface coating, through the film layer will be harmful blue light reflection, blue light barrier protection purpose.
3).Substrate absorption + film reflection: this technology integrates the advantages of the first two technologies, two-pronged, double-effect protection.

Recommended users:
Anti-blue light glasses are suitable for wearing when using LED digital display devices such as TV, computer, PAD and mobile phone. However, it is not recommended to wear anti-blue light glasses for a long time in daily life, because anti-blue light glasses filter part of blue light, and the picture when viewing objects will be yellow. It is recommended to wear two pairs of glasses, one pair of ordinary glasses for daily life. A pair of anti-blue light glasses is used when using computers and other LED display digital products. Plain (no degree) anti blue light glasses are very popular with non-myopic users, dedicated to computer office wear, and gradually become a fashion.

Main Cooperation Materials Manufacturers:

Main Export Countries & Areas:
Usa, Uk, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Swiss, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, India, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arab, Turkey, Finland, Poland ,etc.
Anti-Blue Light Lenses/Eye Protective Lens/Polarized Lens/Spectecles GlassesAnti-Blue Light Lenses/Eye Protective Lens/Polarized Lens/Spectecles GlassesAnti-Blue Light Lenses/Eye Protective Lens/Polarized Lens/Spectecles GlassesAnti-Blue Light Lenses/Eye Protective Lens/Polarized Lens/Spectecles Glasses
Raytekoptics Extra value added services offered:
1). Optical workcraft & process solution design;
2). Rough processing raw materials;
3). Semi finishing raw materials;
4). Fabricate custom sizes and shapes;
5). Design and supply custom coatings;
6). Modify and resurface customer supplied materials;
7). Drill holes, notch glass and provide beveled substrates;
8). Precision polish optics with non-standard aspect ratios;

Payment Method: by T/T or Western Union.
Delivery time: 7-10 days.
Quality Warranty: Ruitaiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) offers quality warranty for our optics products with "3R" policy. For any inferior-quality products, Ruitaiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) is responsible for return, replacement and refund.


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